Custom Jewelry Design

Master goldsmith creating custom jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry

My custom made jewelry reflects the experiences and impressions of the journey that inspired it. The result leads to making things one at a time with skill and attention so that no two pieces are ever entirely identical.

Every piece of custom made jewelry is designed in-house. From the initial wax mold, to fabrication, to setting the gemstones, to the final polish; your piece never leaves my studio until it is ready to be delivered. With over 40 years of experience in custom jewelry design and diamond-setting, you can be confident that your jewelry will last for generations!

Ethically Sourced

At the Douglas Zaruba Studio, I only use recycled gold and silver, responsibly sourced gemstones, and the finest grade of diamonds for my jewelry creations. ALL of our colored gemstones are certified to come from responsibly mined sources using environmentally sound practices and ethical working standards.