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Melting Earrings

Melting Earrings Just in time for fall! 14K polished white gold “Melting Earrings” each set with two 1.6mm round diamonds, dropped from 14K white gold hoops with chain detail. Delicate and chic, these are guaranteed to dazzle. These beautiful earrings are designed to compliment the “Melting” Pendant. Price as shown: $1,200  

Tahitian Pearl Ring with Diamonds

Tahitian Pearl Ring with Diamonds A one-of-a-kind silver gray 12mm Tahitian Pearl with 10 diamonds set into the pearl on a unique platinum band! A ring of 18k yellow gold circles just below the pearl. Sculpture for the hand! One-of-a-Kind: $4,800.00 Once this ring is sold, it’s gone forever!

Twig Ring with Opals and Rubies

Twig Ring with Opals and Rubies The TWIG ring is back! Crafted in 18k gold with a beautiful Lightning Ridge Black Opal, two round Australian opals, and ten fine rubies. Price as shown: $2,300.00

Fracture Bands

Fracture Bands Woman’s Fracture Band: A 5mm wide 1/2 round Comfort-fit woman’s band with diamonds set into the “fracture” around the ring! Shown here in 18k yellow gold with 32 diamonds. Price as shown: $3,100.00 You can special order this band in 14k white gold, rose gold or platinum, and select any number of diamonds. …

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Buff-Top Amethyst Ring

Buff-Top Amethyst Ring A One-of-a-kind top grade amethyst from Uruguay. The top of the stone has a polished dome, while the bottom is fully faceted. Set in 18k yellow gold with purple diamond. PRICE $1,465

Eros and Psyche Ring

Eros and Psyche Ring This ring was made directly from a mold of the original Greek bronze ring from 200BC! It was originally a ring exchanged between lovers, and bears the images of the god EROS and his mortal love Psyche. Cast in 18K gold. PS: The Romans changed the name of Eros to…Cupid! Price …

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Zelda Ring

Sapphire Zelda Ring Hand-engraved in a geometric Art Deco pattern, this 18k and platinum ring holds a .55ct cobalt blue sapphire. Blue sapphire is a stone of love, commitment, and fidelity. It is effective in channeling healing powers from an angelic or higher source to the healer. It also amplifies healing through the voice. Price …

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